Men Less Picky For A One-Night Stand

Yet another study proves men and women approach casual sex differently.


If you think the headline: Men Less Picky For A One Night Stand is as obvious an observation as The Sky Is Blue then, yes, you'd be correct. One Night Stand Dos And Don'ts

But it is our job to report when (yet another) study reveals that men enjoy casual sex and probably won't turn it down if you offer. Even if you aren't of supermodel caliber, or hell, even average looking.

Achim Schützwohl and his research team of Brunel University in London rounded up groups of American, Italian and German men and women for a little game of "who would you (hypothetically) screw." Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You


The team asked each group if they would a.) go out with b.) go to the apartment of or c.) hop into bed with an "exceptionally attractive" "moderately attractive" or "slightly unattractive" member of the opposite sex. They were to imagine that said man or woman approached them out of the blue on the street with each proposition.

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Of course you know what happens next—men (with the Italians being the most easy breezy) were much more likely to accept a dirty rendevouz offer no matter how attractive the hypothetical girl. There average "yes" answer was a whopping 46% overall, which is just about half.


Women on the other hand are no fun. They scored a measly 4% "yes" average for sex. The ladies more often than not put the breaks on any funny business if the man was "slightly unattractive" or even just "moderately attractive." Most didn't even want to step foot into his apartment.

Yet women were just as likely to answer yes to all three if he was "exceptionally attractive."

Surprised? Us neither. However, this can just serve as more of an incentive for you boys to hit the gym and choose your clothing carefully.