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Women Who Drink Red Wine Have Stronger Libidos (Says Science)

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Apparently, red red wine does make one feel so fine and in more ways than a mellow '80s reggae hit would have you believe.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Italian researchers claim that sex drives are higher in women who prefer red wine as opposed to those who favor other alcoholic beverages. 

University of Florence doctors surveyed 800 women, all between the ages of 18 and 50, and separated them into three groups based on their drinking habits: red wine drinkers, those who prefer alternative alcoholic drinks and those who abstain entirely.

The women were then asked to complete a questionnaire assessing their interest in sex. Called the Female Sexual Function Index, the survey included 19 questions that resulted in a score between two and 36 (higher scores meaning a higher sex drive).

On average, women who drank one or two glasses of red wine a day scored 27.3 points, compared to 25.9 for non-red wine imbibers and 24.4 for those who abstain.

The results indicate a possible relationship between regular red wine consumption and libido. However the real question is, do women with naturally higher sex drives tend to drink red wine or does red wine truly have an revving effect on one's sexual appetite? Even the researchers themselves say the findings need to be interpreted with "caution."

But the lack of conclusive evidence isn't enough reason to dismiss red wine just yet. Many other studies have shown that a small glass each day benefits the heart. So if your sex drive improves in the process, that's just icing on the cake, right?

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