How To Get Him To Eat Vegetables

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Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you. They lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke. They can help you stave off diabetes and kidney stones. They can even help you lose weight. The problem with veggies, however, is that they're not full of fat and sugar and do not taste like a Snickers bar. 

As we mentioned in this piece, some people (cough, men, cough) think a meal isn't a meal unless it involves meat. Which is fine, as long as they also eat their veggies. But some people don't like broccoli and kale and all those other delicious, healthful foods. This is a problem for two reasons. First, when you live and eat with someone you tend to consume the same things, so if your significant other isn't eating their veggies, chances are you aren't either. Second, if you love someone you want them to be healthy. Head Over Meals: How Love Makes You Fat

But Love Buzz has discovered a secret to getting men to eat vegetables. It's a little gross, so brace yourself. (This might work with women as well, but in our experience men like discussing indelicate bodily functions more than women. Yes, it's a stereotype. Bear with us.) Tell him it'll make his poops better. (Told you it was a little offensive. But natural, too!)

Seriously: men love to talk about bowel movements. We've even heard of guys calling their wives into the bathroom to show them a particularly noteworthy specimen. So by talking about his fecal matter you're halfway there: you've gotten him to listen to you talk about vegetables. How To Seduce Him With Food

But what, you ask, do peas and carrots have to do with bowel movements? Everything! Veggies contain fiber, and when it comes to rear-end waste, fiber is a miracle worker.

If he has loose stools (the technical term) fiber will bulk things up so he'll be cleaner. Men tend to have more hair in their butts than women do, and when they poop, stuff can get… stuck back there. (Where do you think skid marks come from?) This is grody, even by male standards. He may pretend that he doesn't care, but no one wants to go around smelling like a**—literally. Plus it means he has to wipe forever.

If he's the constipated type (according to MSN Health about 10 million Americans are), fiber will promote regular bowel movements. This is good for you, too, because it means he won't be sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes, causing you to miss the previews at the latest Harry Potter movie. Fiber is a winner whichever way you look at it.

We're not speaking from a vacuum here. Love Buzz has tried this—granted, our sample was a measly one person—but it worked! Our boyfriend, who once thought salad was a waste of time because it took effort to eat (all those fork stabs!) and didn't fill him up, tried adding greens to his diet and loved the effect it had on his colon. He is now a regular consumer of vegetables of all types.

And of course if you, dear reader, suffer from constipation or looseness, consume more veggies, legumes and fruits. Fiber is an equal-opportunity waste-product enabler.