Politicians as Lovers

Politicians as Lovers
Love, Heartbreak

What is it with Democratic politicians?  Why are they so bad to their mistresses?

Lewinsky got to give blow jobs in the bathroom.  Her memento of the affair was a semen-stained dress.  Clinton argued that he didn't commit perjury because, according to the court, sex meant he touched Lewinsky and gave her pleasure (touching with a cigar was not considered, oddly enough).  Apparently Clinton never even bothered to give Lewinsky sexual pleasure.  Once the affair came out, he did everything he could to publicly deny her.

Hunter is stuck with a baby.  Meanwhile, Edwards deserted her as fast as he could once the affair came out.  Then he publicly called their relationship the product of narcissism.  His wife refuses to speak Hunter's name and disparages her, and Edwards doesn't object.  In fact, Edwards does what he can to support his wife.

Spitzer didn't even bother with anything resembling a relationship.  He just hired young prostitutes.

What about Republican mistresses?  It's certainly not a bed of roses for them.  Ensign's mistress Hampton's marriage broke up and she left her job with Ensign.  On the other hand, she was a longtime friend of his family and they did have an affair for eight months. 

Sanford's mistress Chapur actually got love letters instead of a stained dress, and it's pretty clear any sex they were having was better than what Lewinsky got.  Even as his political career and his marriage disintegrate around him, Sanford refers to Chapur as his "soul mate" and calls it a love affair.

Of course, it may be worse to be a Republican political wife.  Jenny Sanford is amazingly forgiving to give her husband another chance after he announced he plans to try to fall in love with her again.  Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards, and Silda Spitzer don't need to worry that their husbands care about the "other woman." 

It's a mixed bag, though.  How do you respect a guy who treats his interns so badly?  What kind of guy denies his child?  Do you really want to be married to a guy who goes to prostitutes on a regular basis?

The Republican political wives are stuck dealing with the aftermath of affairs that are emotional as well as physical.  The Democratic political wives are stuck knowing that they are married to jerks.  Which is worse?  And is there any relationship between these men's politics and the kind of affairs they had?