10 Surprising Places Couples Met

You never know where you could meet that special someone.

couple meets in food store

Take a look at some of the unexpected places these couples from across the nation met. You never know where you may meet that special someone.

"My boyfriend and I met on Twitter two years ago. I mentioned I was going on a business trip to Seattle, and he saw my note and offered to suggest things to see while I was there. After chatting for a minute we discovered we both went to the same Connecticut boarding school and had mutual friends. We met for a drink while I was in Seattle, and I moved in the following week. We've been together ever since." Damon (28) and Marina (24), Washington.


"My boyfriend of two years and I met while playing Broomball in college. What's Broomball? It's a very basic form of Ice Hockey without the skates. He tagged along with his roommate, who was a friend of mine. We met and hit it off-- after a few faceplants!" Trisha (22) and Julian (24) California.

"We met in the "mixed nuts" section of Wal Mart. I took care of Carol's father in a nursing home years before, but had never met Carol. I hollered at Carol's father, who was shopping with her, she turned around, their eyes met, and we got married 6 months later." Carol (46) and John(35).

"My boyfriend and I met last year on May 2 at a New York Yankees game. We both had the same season ticket plan and he sat directly in front of my seat. My friends and his friends got to talking, but for some reason, he wouldn't speak to me during the first game. At the next game, I worked up the courage to comment on his Yankees jacket - "Hey, I really like your jacket." And he responded "It's gonna look better on you tomorrow morning." And that is how the story goes!" Jason, (24), Jen, (25), New York City.


"We met at the local county fair. I was parking cars and he was a vendor who parked in my lot. The shuttle bus driver sort of set us up. When we told our families about our new sweetheart, I think they were both worried their children were dating 'carnies'." Brian (39) and Danielle (35), Washington. 

"My husband and I met on a camping trip. A former coworker of mine used to put on a group camping trip every year. I figured that it was a good sign if he was interested after having seen me at the end of a camping trip. Michelle (40), Scott (35), California.

"We met at Starbucks. I was sitting with a friend talking, he was reading a paper and we couldn't stop staring at each other. Eventually, my friend just walked over and gave him my phone number when she and I were leaving." Jenny and Dan, Maryland.

"We met in high school debate at a debate tournament. We debated each other once. Talked again later at the next tournament. Then we exchanged IM information and the rest is history!" Kelly (24) and Tim (23), Georgia


"My husband and I met outside our apartment building after an attempting shooting." Julie (37) and Kyle (39), Colorado.