Everything You Need To Know About Dating

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Dating tips, advice, how tos and personal stories all on one place: our dating homepage.

Got a question about dating? YourTango's got your answer. In fact, we have a whole section of the site dedicated to advice and personal stories about dating.

Our dating homepage includes five categories:

Single & Looking includes articles about single life—everything that goes on in your head and your heart when you're a dating gal.

Playing the Field is where the action happens! Here we talk about going on dates, paying for dinner, flirting, kissing and more.

Conflict & Communication includes stories about talking, fighting, and what do to when you have to make a hard decision like, can you be friends with his ex?

Getting Serious is full of features and advice about moving in together, taking down your online dating profile and introducing your new man to the people in your life.

Dating News, Trend & Pop Culture alerts you to new TV shows (anyone watching The Cougar tonight?), offers tips about dating during the recession and studies like what his hairline says about his bedroom skills.

See you on the dating page!