How To Become A Kept Woman

gold digger, sugar daddy

By now you're probably familiar with the idea that there exists a special kinship between rich men and attractive women. In fact, there appears to be a preternatural attraction between wealthy, older fellows and jaunty, nubile broads.

This weekend's New York Times Magazine explores the interweb destination The site's raisin d-tree (it's Latin, or so I heard through the grapevine) is to provide a safe place for PYTs* to shake their little behinds for the moneyed menfolk (per the Times article, one quarter of the people on the site are trolling for dudes and about one percent of the 'sugar daddies' are actually ladies**). While you can probably easily imagine what goes down between the users of the site (gold diggers digging gold, wealthy men making it rain, etc), the Times piece seeks to answer the most journalistic question: why.

And, not to give too much away, the rationale largely mirrors that of strip clubs: men would rather purchase time and affection with money and leave the emotional entanglement on the sideline and, for the women, college books are mad expensive. But, of course, human frailty (and sentimentality) has a pesky tendency to get in the craw of a really good idea. I can imagine that a lot of these sought arrangements do not end well when the level of emotional and fiscal dependency gets cranked up to 11 and the rug eventually gets pulled out (i.e. he gets bored of pushing up and down on the same gal or she, you know, gets a regular job).

Despite the weirdly frank nature of the site, I'm glad it exists. Not because I'll ever be able to afford cutting anyone a check for their time and affection (directly, that is), but because it's sort of embarrassing to see old guys up in the club.  Seriously, I'm almost too old to disco-disco; Daddy Fat Stacks is bordering on humiliating himself. It's nice that he can meet a sweet little goomah and not have to listen to Lady Gaga.

Do you think any girls have bumped into their dad or their dad's friends on this site? That would be a fun story for

*Pretty Young Things.

**Note: While men seem to physically age more gracefully, I feel like women may age more gracefully from an emotional standpoint (Diane Keaton characters notwithstanding).  That is they're not as likely to chase tail as a tonic to getting old (despite the cougar phenomenon).