Attraction At First Eye Contact?

If he holds your gaze for eight or more seconds, you're so money baby.


Can one possibly tell within the first ten seconds of meeting if there's a mutual attraction? The journal Archives of Sexual Behavior seems to think so, even pinpointing the exact time to a tenth of a second.

Not surprisingly, men are ridiculously easy to read. Researchers say that on the first meeting if he breaks your gaze  at the four second mark, he's just sort of "eh' about you. Yet if the initial eye contact extends  to the 8.2 second mark than more likely than not he's already picturing you with your top off (our words not, theirs).


Women on the other hand,notoriously confusing in nature, will give equal eye contact to men they're into and ones they aren't, say scientists.

This information was culled from 115 students, secretly being filmed, meeting actors and actresses for the first time. While the cameras filmed the meeting, scientists analyzed the tapes and later quizzed the students on whom they were most physically attracted. In conclusion, they theorize men use eye contact as a form of mating, while women—who, let's be honest, aren't really the aggressors anyway—shy away from overt eye contact to subconsciously avoid unwanted attention.


Sounds about right. Staring at a guy too long at a bar is sort of like taunting a dog with freshly grilled steak. We know this. Glance, look away, then glance again.

These results don't knock us off our seats, though. We all know men are a million times more visual than women, so the fact they'd have sort of a staring problem at a mate they find sexually desirable seems like a pretty mundane conclusion.

But 8.2 seconds? Really? One more "Is he into you!" tip to agonize over. Now we'll have to start internally counting when we go out and meet guys.


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