Xzibit Says Diddy Treated Him To Gayest Night Ever

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Insists he, himself, is not gay.

In a new interview with Jamie Foxxhole's radio show, Xzibit shares the story of how Sean Combs (a.k.a. Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, etc.) treated him to the gayest night of his life — all while doing everything verbally in his power to relay the message that he, himself, is not gay.

Xzibit claims that the whole gay night took place in South Beach, Florida on a New Year's Eve not too long ago. It began at a house party where Xzibit enjoyed chatting with self-proclaimed video vixen Superhead, a woman whom Combs evidently didn't approve of.

Xzibit says that: "Puffy calls me outside and says, 'That girl you're with, she's the devil.  She will videotape you with fingers in the booty.'"

Confused over Puffy's words and concerned about having his "name out there crazy like that," Xzibit claims he then went back inside to confront Superhead, only to learn that Combs "had some prior incidents with her that he doesn't want anyone to know about."  

Shortly thereafter, Puffy loaded his entourage, including Xzibit and Superhead, into a car for a silent and awkward drive to a club. Upon arriving at the club, Combs left to "do his business" while Superhead and Xzibit went downstairs to get drinks. It was there that Xzibit says he really found himself shaking in his firmly heterosexual boots. As he describes it: "She (Superhead) points over and there's two dudes kissing. She then points in another direction and there's another dude over there butt-ass naked."  

Reasserting the fact that he's about as interested in butt-ass naked men in a club as he is in Puffy's naked butt being videotaped with fingers in it, Xzibit says he then promptly took off.

"I didn't say peace to nobody."

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