Diddy Says Wax Your Junk, Guys

Diddy Says Wax Your Junk, Guys

If you want to do it like Diddy, keep it real by keeping it smooth.

Ah, the allure of Diddy.  The media mogul/rapper/fashion designer remains an enigma: women and men alike are fascinated by the star and his parties remain the hottest invites on the planet.  So, when the man tells you how to bring the ladies calling, you listen.  In an interview with the Daily Mail UK, Diddy tells you how to throw the ultimate party, including grooming tips on getting ready for his parties where he dropped this little piece of science: “Then I'll have a manicure and pedicure – and yes, I wax as well. Grooming's very important and men owe it to women to make sure they're well groomed. I wax my privates…. In everything I do, I visualize myself either putting clothes on or taking them off. “

Yes, dudes, if you want to do it like Diddy himself, you’ve got to wax your junk.

As a woman, let me second Diddy and say that we sincerely appreciate the grooming down there.  It doesn’t challenge your masculinity in my eyes to tidy up the place if I’m going to make a trip down there. A Brazilian isn’t necessary but if you’re growing a rain forest down there, it makes things messy and complicated…kind of like trying to enjoy a hot dog through a sweater.  Look, if we’re going to go through the drama of waxing and keeping our lady parts looking their best per your requests, you can head over to the local spa and just make sure that it’s trimmed and tight.  Plus, it can make you look more endowed.  Now argue with me.

Manscaping is a metrosexual trend that was honestly a long time in coming. Married, in a relationship, hoping to get lucky – it doesn’t matter.  A man who takes care of his body and take a moment to keep things trimmed and tight down there will find the response quite favorable.  Exactly how much is too much is between you and your waxer. You don’t have to take everything off (a Brazlian) but go to a waxer that knows what she’s doing and you’ll find out the secret of what women have known for years: you’ll feel and act sexier because you know that if you’re going to have company, you’ve cleaned up the place.  Afraid of the pain?  OK, you big baby, here’s the tip all women who wax know: take two Ibuprofen or Aleve thirty minutes before your appointment and if you’re still freaking out, a shot of liquid courage will also help.  Then man up and get it done.

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