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Study Says Women Don't Like Condoms

Study Says Women Don't Like Condoms

Similar to life's death and taxes, nothing is certain in sex than men bemoaning condoms and women insisting on them.

Or so one would think...

A recent study conducted by researchers at The Kinsey Institute in Indiana, suggest the fairer sex report decreased satisfaction from condoms in numbers almost as staggering as men. In a questionnaire asking women what contraceptives they use, and how these methods affect their sexual enjoyment, condoms—bless their latex souls—were consistently to blame for a lackluster romp between the sheets. 

Aside from in-the-moment sexual enjoyment, scientists also asked about overall sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction is a combination of sexual self-esteem and relationship fulfillment. Ironically, women who used condoms and hormonal birth control reported the highest rates of sexual fulfillment, even higher than those who don't use condoms at all.

This little nugget of information is a head-scratcher. It would be understandable if a woman reported high sexual satisfaction if they were in a committed relationship, but then why use the condoms AND the birth control? Perhaps these overly vigilant types feel the need to answer researcher questions more positively.

Women are such a complex breed.

This study is a particularly important because women (50% of the sexual experience) are finally asked about their feelings toward condoms, associate director of The Kinsey Institute and a co-author of the study, Stephanie Sanders said.

The public health community has paid little attention to women's sexual experiences with contraceptive methods, especially condoms," said Sanders. "If women think condoms detract from sexual pleasure, they may be less inclined to use them consistently."

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