5 Super Sexy Holiday Gifts

5 Super Sexy Holiday Gifts

Today is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the season. Looking for something sexy? Buying online is the easiest, most discrete way to peruse sex toy-ville, and most shops send packages in unmarked boxes so your honey, and your postman, won't be any wiser. Below, five sexy holiday gifts.

1. Traveling over the holidays? Why not join the mile high club? Babeland's Mini Mile High Kit includes a small bullet vibe so you can get turned on quick, before the stewardess knocks on the lav door; two condoms so you can  have fun on the flight there and back; and lube, to make everything a little smoother. The kit is small so you can stash it in your carry-on, and only $25, so you'll have cash left over to buy her that diamond necklace (or ring!) she's been eyeing.

2. Got any music lovers on your list? Check out the OhMiBod, a futuristic-looking vibe that hooks up to your mp3 player and pulsates to the beat of the music. It'll give that special someone a whole new way to appreciate her favorite tunes.

3. Perhaps you're shopping for a sex toy for two. The We-Vibe is a U-shaped toy that quivers inside, on a woman's g-spot and outside, on her clit. The inner vibrations can be felt by the man as well, giving you both a little extra zing this holiday season. Check out our other couples sex toys, here.

4. Maybe you're looking for something a little less racy. Try a set of cheekies underwear—somewhere between boy shorts and a thong, cheekies are sexy and subtle at the same time. According to 23-year-old Manie, "cheekies make a woman’s body look good. It’s a softer, sexy look."

5. If you're a video game or computer lover, try Onyx. Our writer loved it. Onyx is "a computer game that takes two to six players on a journey of sexual exploration. A sort of Monopoly-meets-spin-the-bottle-in-a-dungeon, Onyx makes the old-fashioned lovers' card games look like solitaire." Check out her piece here.

Happy shopping!

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