Afternoon News Feed: Thurs, Nov 13th

Afternoon News Feed: Thurs, Nov 13th

 Jason Ritter and Marianna Palka star in Good Dick, a film written and directed by Palka that, according to Mercury News involves a sadomasochism relationship between the two. Although Mercury reports that Palka's character is a serial masturbator, the film actually unfolds a sweet love story between the two characters, despite its occasional raunchiness. 

Psychology Today blog says self-love precedes the love of others. They report that many people believe that self-love is code for self-centeredness, which is commonly referred to as "narcissism." However, the blog believes that self-love is actually a healthy dose of narcissism and a key ingredient for attachment to and love of others. 

Did you know that having friendships with others is actually healthy for you? The Times Hearld says that friendships profoundly affect the physical and mental health of both men and women. People who are lonely die earlier and get sick more often. So go out after work today and meet up with your best friends. Hey, it's good for you! 

On the other hand, Mandi Sordelet at the Daily Gamecock says that relationships are much harder to maintain these days. She says that people are so busy these days, they barely have time to even catch up, let alone sustain friendships. Well, maybe if these people knew about the health benefits, they'd hop on they'd be more willing to hop on the friendship train.

Newsday reports that hundreds of supporters of gay marriage gathered outside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, a Mormon temple located near Lincoln Tunnel in NYC. The church is in support of the California ban on gay marriage. Leaders of the church apparently encouraged their members to support Prop 8. 

The gay marriage fight has taken to the Internet. Reuters reports that there has been a "hurricane of protest" on the Internet. One woman, Amy Balliett started a website on her lunch break to coordinate action across the U.S. The website is 

Family Life Culture Watch reports the news of Connecticut legalizing gay marriage. The blog believes that even if homosexuals are permitted to marry each other, marriage in general is extremely unstable these days due to high divorce rates. 

What would you do if your best friend was hooking up with your ex? Ooh, this is a toughie. The University Daily Kansan says to consider how strong your friendship is with your bestie before dropping him/her like a fly. However, if you do accept this awkward hookup, be prepared to experience old feelings once your ex is back in the picture.

If you're looking to get your ex back (who knows, maybe you want to steal him/her back from your best friend), Revenge blog suggests that you think about whether you and your ex were a good match to begin with. If you were a good match, try to recapture the happy times the two of you shared together. Think of a good memory the two of you shared and try to recreate it.

The Guardian answers a question on how to house children following a divorce. The Guardian explains how the couple's assets are split up. 

Everything they own - whether jointly or in an individual's name - is put into the pot of "matrimonial assets" and split in accordance with what the couple agrees, which isn't necessarily 50/50.