Adult FriendFinder Exposed!

Adult FriendFinder Exposed!

If you're an internet user (hey there you!), you've probably seen ads for Adult FriendFinder—they're those banners promising that there are live women in your zip code waiting to have sex with YOU! Maybe you've wondered if these women really exist. Turns out they do.

According to RadarOnline, Adult FriendFinder is the 25th most visited site in the United States, making it one of the most popular online dating sites. But dating on AFF isn't like dating on other sites—this site is specifically for people looking for sex. Thus, when you fill out your profile, instead of writing what you like to do on a first date, "the AFF user can check off interests in '1-on-1 Sex, Bondage & Discipline, Cross-Dressing, Discreet Relationship, Erotic Chat/E-mail/Phone Fantasies, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Group Sex (3 or More), Miscellaneous Fetishes, Other 'Alternative' Activities, Sadism & Masochism.'"

In his investigation for Radar, writer Teddy Wayne signed up for AFF with three distinct personalities: a straight man, bisexual woman and gay guy. Most of the his findings are what you'd expect on a casual sex site: profiles include lots of photos of erect cocks, his female profile received more far responses than his male one, and there seemed to be way more men than women on the site (despite the fact that AFF says half of its members are women).

But even though men make up the majority of members, there are women on the site. So who are they and what are they doing there? Wayne talked to a few of them and found out that, like the ads say, they are attractive women who want to have sex.

One woman he spoke with is looking for a monogamous relationship but likeed the site's no BS atmosphere. Other women use the site to explore their sexuality, which makes great sense. If you have an uncommon sexual desire, say, you want to be tied up and penetrated with a spoon, AFF lets you find someone who will do just that, and the online dating aspect lets you thoroughly vet that person.

The most surprising thing, though, was that a lot of people on the site, both men and women, are looking for a long-term relationship. As Wayne concludes, Adult FriendFinder is "filled with a lot of adults who are, in the end, searching for a friend."