Marcia Brady Was Freaky Deaky

Marcia Brady Was Freaky Deaky

You may know Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch, but according to her new memoirs, a number of stars knew her differently, Biblically you might say. Rather than just letting it rip from one source, we thought we'd check out what a few blogs had to say about Marcia Marsha Marchah.

??Bossip was excited that that Michael Jackson took down Marcia Brady (though Bossip spells it 'Marsha') and included a paragraph on the book (Here's The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice) in their morning swirl ('swirl' is slang for interracial love action). Those dudes love little Michael and are just trying to figure out where things went crazy for Jacko. Too many people asking for too much, is our guess. That and never experiencing a real childhood could have given him some crazy Peter Pan delusions.

??Celebitchy felt this book should have been released 30 years ago (later they recant and would have read it 20 years ago). The book (which, quite possibly, has the worst title of all time, it's like calling it The Man Who Dresses Up Like A Bat To Fight Crime And His Own Inner Demons instead of Batman) mentions how she put it on/dated a bunch of stars including Steve Martin and her TV brother Greg Brady (actor Barry Williams). We've never been in favor of sex between television siblings, it's only slightly weirder than real siblings (though we did want George Michael to figure things out with Maeby).

And Celebutopia (we did not get very far in the alphabet for this one, sorry) literally uses the same press release as the other 2 sites but we'll focus on the one time that she traded drugs for sex and partied down at the Playboy mansion. That's sort of one of those 'let he who has not sinned cast the first stone' moments. Who among us hasn’t been in that situation before? Though you're not supposed to be able to give blood after trading drugs for sex.

We're just surprised that she didn't focus more on turning her life around and marrying Ben Stiller. Maybe that's for the next book.