The Break-Up 2 For Vaughn & Aniston?

The Break-Up 2 For Vaughn & Aniston?

Seriously? Is someone seriously contemplating making a sequel to The Break-Up? According to Celebitchy (who heard it from a friend (Star Mag) who heard it from a friend (People) who heard it from a friend (Variety)) a follow up to the 2005 rom-com could be in the offing. Yeah, okay then. Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston is being offered 20 million dollars in real money to reprise her role as a largely herself. But the last movie did bring in like $200 million in the theaters so it’s possible that Vince Vaughn can be made (bribed) to get over the awkwardness of working with his ex and the seeming implausibility of a reunion that the film's ending imparts on the viewer.

With Hollyweird struggling to make money these days, a sequel to a moneymaker seems like a pretty decent bet. Even Kevin Smith made a part 2 out of his opus Clerks (though to be fair all of his movies are pretty much sequels). What do you think of a sequel to The Break-Up? And how do you spell "breakup" at your house? YourTango prefers 1 word sans hyphen.

Boy, that Jennifer Aniston sure has been in the news a lot lately. We hope someone can find a guy for her.

But what about an older couple reaching back for box office love? You're like, "When are Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon going to reunite, as lovers, on screen?" Funny you should ask. According to The New York Post, there is a sequel in the works for Bull Durham. We'd say that Bull Durham is without much argument the best comedic, sports rom-com ever made. And now poor Nuke Laloosh and Crash Davis are going to have to come out of retirement because everyone has run out of ideas. That's lame. That's lame all the way. We thought the Kevin Costner baseball trilogy had run its course when he phoned in For The Love Of The Game (Field Of Dreams followed Bull Durham and tugged at some heartstrings, why not make a sequel of that?).

Enjoy our favorite scene from Bull Durham (and the most redeeming thing that Robert Wuhl has ever done) and remember that Hollywood is a bunch of lolligaggers: