Hef's New Lady & Macca To Marry?

Hef's New Lady & Macca To Marry?

Hefner to bring Dasha Astafieva on board? Paul to marry Nancy Shevell?

You can't keep a good playboy down, can you? According to Monsters & Critics, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has a new bunny in his pipeline. In addition to his stable of All American blondes (Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt, of Girls Next Door fame), Hef has, apparently taken a shining to Ukrainian Dasha Astafieva... a brunette. Sure, hair color is only as far away as far away as a bottle these days but just the fact that he's interested in a brown-head is newsworthy, right? No? Whatever. All we know is that she looks like trouble. She could very easily be a Bond villainess (we can't show any photos, all the ones of her out there are typically topless and NSFW or some such drivel). There is a little bit of speculation that there is some jealousy among the elite 3 (Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt). Which makes sense, anytime someone says they'd prefer new company to your exclusive company it hurts. Particularly when it's another foreigner coming in and taking a job from a good, hardworking American.

And there's a delicate balance. We're sure that the girls have discussed ways to pull out all of the stops to keep their guy's eyes on their thighs but are probably a little nervous of exploding the 82-year old Hefner's heart. Before we get too carried away, we feel obligated to point out that this story was brought to us second hand from the National Enquirer. So, take that for what it's worth and keep in mind they sort of hit it out of the park on the John Edwards thing.

Hey, hey, another older guy is moving on. Paul McCartney, 66 years young, has reportedly rebounded from the Heather Mills era and is moving on to something completely different. Entertainmentwise reports that Macca is fixing to marry Nancy Shevell. Basically, the word on the street is that Sir Paul is hitting the London jewelry scene on a ring hunt and that means he's getting married soon. OK, a little bit of a stretch but fine. We'd think that a man of his stature could keep a ring search on the DL if he so chose. Further sources add a minuscule amount of fuel to the fire. The good news, for the recently divorced McCartney, is that Nancy Shevell is an heiress of some sort (a trucking empire, if the papers are to be believed) and not likely to engage in any manner of meshugaas regarding Paul's loot. Hmm.

We're not saying we buy into this particular rumor but it wouldn't really surprise us. Looking back, he hasn't spent a whole lot of his adult life as a singleton, but who really does? We've got a feeling that this pattern is going to keep up until the 'Paul is dead' thing pans out.