Feldman’s Wife Gets Naked

Feldman’s Wife Gets Naked

It's a slow news day, so Corey Feldman gets his day in the sun. Half of The Two Coreys is pimping his wife to Hugh Hefner on the free tip. According to a blurb in InTouch, Corey F's wife Susie has been photographed for a forthcoming cover of Playboy. Corey gushes about how amazing and artistic the shot was and how he wouldn't accept finance for it and something about the honor of having Hef ask was touching.

Is this code for: "I begged Hugh Hefner to figure out a way to help me get famous again and all we could think of was getting my wife naked. And since he was already doing us a favor, it would be a little gauche to expect payment"?

Is it fair to expect your spouse to do get naked for your career? Sure, a Playboy spread is an honor and Susie Feldman is a looker but cui bono here? We guess it's the nature of Hollywierd that spouses have to promote each other and pretend not to be embarrassed by each and every thing the other one does. In all fairness, that sort of applies to marriage in general, right? No word if Corey Haim has used his friendship with Larry Flint to put some chick that he met at in Lost Boys chat room in the back of Hustler.

And just because you've been patient, InTouch also has it on good authority (whatever that means) that Mark Wahlberg and girlf Rhea Durham are planning to get married soon. But it's a secret and NO ONE knows about it. The plan is to spring it on everyone at the last second, so if you get invited for a Saturday afternoon barbeque at the Wahlberg mansion, bring a gift just in case.

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