Dallas Swingers Club Raided, Again

The Cherry Pit is again in Duncanville's bad graces.

dallas swingers club

We do not know why we're so obsessed with the trials and tribulations of the Cherry Pit but we are. Duncanville, a Dallas suburb, has about the best little swingers club in Texas. And the squares (as well as the fuzz) are not happy about it.

The long line of static betwixt the Cherry Pit and the municipality has been largely cat-and-mouse games between 2 equally determined opponents since November '07. The city decided that parking was a problem for neighbors, so they banned the sex club. There was hemming and hawing over what the definition of a sex club was, exactly. Duncanville wrote out a series of things that define a sex club, which is not permitted in residential ares, so Cherry Pit owner/operator/fan Jim Trulock did what any red-blooded American would do: sue. The city, of course, countersued and on and on and on.


It feels like things have been relatively quiet for the Pit (as the kids call it), but the WFAA.com reports, then came the raids. On Saturday, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) barged into the place and confiscated items from 60 patrons. Buzz kill. The Cherry Pit's lawyer, Ed Klein, (probably also a client) claims that due process was violated (of course). And then the Po-Po with TABC burst in on the scene Tuesday afternoon because their previous warrant did not cover seizing alcohol. Evidently, there was plenty. We got pulled over once with a case of brews and the state trooper thought we had a lot, so clearly it's relative. Furthermore, anyone who has been to a kegger knows that you're charging 5 bucks for a cup not the booze therein. C'mon guys.


The city is exploring prostitution and money laundering charges (of course). Is this a case of the tyranny of the majority or a community enforcing it's own standards? Thoughts?