Not Tonight: What's Behind Your Lackluster Libido

Not Tonight: What's Behind Your Lackluster Libido
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We hear lots about male sex drive. They either want a lot of sex, or they need Viagra® or some other type of "enhancer" to start things up. And it's no secret that as men get a bit older, they may need to use some sort of supplement to help things along.

Women often have issues with sex drive too, but the problem is often chalked up to women simply not being as sexually driven as men. Unfortunately, that's just not true. Women also have a deep need and desire for sex.


There are some things that will reduce the female sex drive, and fortunately, none of them are untreatable! Here are some of the causes of reduced sex drive in women:

• Stress - Stress is one of the major causes of lack of sex drive for women. When a woman is suffering from stress, her body is robbed of many of the essential building blocks it uses to produce estrogen and testosterone. Both estrogen and testosterone are a necessary for a healthy sex drive. When over-stressed, a body will choose to try to protect itself and conserve energy rather than seeking pleasure.

• Hormones - As women enter perimenopause and menopause, hormones fluctuate wildly. Hormonal imbalances are often accompanied by other symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain. Women often just don't feel sexy when experiencing these things. It is interesting to note that human females need their own pheromones to feel turned on. If the pheromones aren't there, it's more difficult to be in the mood.

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