What Guys (Secretly) Think About What You Wear [VIDEO]

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In this episode of "That's What He Said," find out what men think about fashion trends.

When it comes to date night, we sometimes spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit. But it's almost as if no matter how much effort we put into our sexy look, it pretty much ends up going unnoticed by our partner. Seriously, what gives?!

But the crazy thing is that despite popular belief, your man IS checking out what you are wearing (and not just what's underneath). And ladies, according to the men in this video, he probably isn't that impressed. Even though we always assume that men are pretty much indifferent when it comes to our date night outfits, they are secretely paying A LOT of attention.

So you'll be surprised to hear that there are quite a few fashion trends that they just can't get behind. In fact, according to the five guys in this video, they may even see them as a total deal breaker. Yikes!

Men are more aware of your latest date night buys than you think. Match.com also did a major analysis on what their preferences are and came up with similar results. One man voiced some serious complaints about your beloved UGGS boots. "Unless it’s minus-ten degrees out, I can’t understand why any woman would ever put these on. And, if she’s wearing them with a skirt, I probably won’t talk to her. Ever."

Looks like this man isn't a fan of being nice and comfy (after all, UGGS are totally sunshine wrapped in a box). After watching this, hit the comments below and tell us: Do you agree or disagree with any of the points they make?