Get Married In Princess Di’s Dress

Get Married In Princess Di’s Dress

You know how like every girl wants to be a princess while she's growing up? She’s got the Cinderella Halloween costume and the ubiquitous pony request for each birthday until she’s in middle school. Well, for some gals that princess itch never really gets scratched. So they build up their wedding as this be-all, end-all coronation-type event. They may even sport a tiara but they know in their heart-of-hearts that you can’t be a princess without the gown.

That’s why Elizabeth Emanuel is offering you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Emanuel designed Princess Diana's wedding gown and you can have a clone of that dress for only like $1,000. The Daily Mail is reporting that after designing Di’s $16,000 wedding dress, she could command up to $50,000 for a dress. Emanuel is attempting to do for Bhs (a clothing chain in the UK) what Isaac Mizrahi did for Target. Bhs would be better off if they could have someone do for them what Kristen Wiig did for Target, but we digress.

We’re all for someone making a living. And we’re really in favor of people making money on work that they did almost 20 years ago (for instance, we’d pay $10,000 to play golf with the guy that played Danny Noonan in Caddyshack, if he stayed in character). But is it too soon to profit so obviously on the People's Princess? Sure, she died almost 11 years ago and all of the inquests into her death are at an end, but this feels less than OK. Then again, we were uncomfortable with Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired fashion shoot. Not sure if it had to do with letting the dead rest in peace or just how weird it was. Anyway, if you've got no such compunctions, this could be the dress for you.

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