Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Surfaces

marilyn monroe sex tape

And we thought that this was something our generation invented, but it appears the celebrity sex tape has been around a long time. A collector of antiquities (or just grainy, black & white porn) has purchased a 15 minute 16mm reel of Marilyn Monroe performing oral sex on a mostly off-screen man. According to the New York Post, J Edgar Hoover (legendary FBI man) spent weeks trying to prove that this man getting serviced was one of the Kennedy brothers and the FBI referred to it as a "French-type" film.

Rumor of this tape has existed for years, Joe DiMaggio allegedly tried to purchase it. The dude that bought the tape wishes to remain safely anonymous and has no plans on distributing the vid, he said 'I'm not going to make a Paris Hilton out of her. I'm not going to sell it, out of respect.' Right, out of respect. It’s probably good for Lindsay Lohan that he’s not going to, she would probably feel some sort of obligation to follow up Monroe’s last sex tape with an homage of some sort. And no website could handle that kind of traffic.

Not famous but still want to make a sex tape? We got some tips for you. Just be sure that you hold onto that thing. Just to be sure, maybe each one of you should film the other doing something really embarrassing and then holding on to that part so it doesn’t get leaked. Forget it, we’re pretty sure that most people that leak sex tapes (Rick Salomon, Ray J, and Tommy Lee) are beyond the normal bounds of shame. They mentioned the Kennedys and DiMaggio, we wonder if it's going to be revealed later that Arthur Miller's The Crucible was based on this tape.