Is Revenge Cheating OK?

Is Revenge Cheating OK?

The ABC News unit appears to have caught a trend on reciprocal cheating. This is what the newsroom must have been like:
Reporter 1: Well, uh, NY Governor David Paterson and his wife cheated on each other.
Editor: Great work, Rob. That’s one.
Reporter 2: Did any of you guys see that Jimmy Kimmel reaction video to Sarah Silverman’s video with Matt Damon? That was funny, man.
Editor: Steve, I like how you’re plugged into pop culture. Gold star, bud.
Reporter 2: It was in Reader’s Digest.
Editor: OK. Let’s dig. We need a 3rd thing to make it a trend.
Reporter 1: I once slept with a chick that looked like my ex.
Editor: I like your instincts but that one doesn’t work. Steve, hit me with some pop culture magic.
Reporter 2: Uh, umm, uh, Valerie Bertinelli was on Oprah and says she had revenge sex while married to Eddie Van Halen. Oh God that felt good.
Editor: I have no idea who those people are. Rob?
Reporter 1: They were big stars in the 80’s. Like Jennifer Lopez-Mark Anthony big.
Editor: I have no idea who those people are either but we have a deadline, people. Steve, you write this thing up. Rob, you fact-check and call some experts.

End scene.

As you can tell, we have no idea how a newsroom operates. And for the record, revenge sex rarely works out. Sure it feels really great at the time but like hating f*cking it's pretty much a hollow victory. Dorn’s wife f*cking Rick Vaughn in Major League is a rare, beautiful exception when revenge sex works out and the Indians win the pennant. There’s not always a right way to do things but there’s always a wrong way, shooping someone that looks like your ex and then dumping them is pretty bad idea.

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