New Celebrity Sex Tape: Gisele And Tom Brady?

tom brady gisele sex tape

We’re going to file this one under the WTF category. The New York Post is reporting that there is footage of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen fooling around. PS: New policy, we're calling them the Brady Bundch from now on. It appears that the wine cellar at New York’s Philippe is not as private as you might like. A rep from the restaurant confirmed that there are security cameras in the private rooms of the building. Evidently, people cannot be trusted around expensive wine bottles. According to the NY Post article, staff members had a good time checking out America’s hottest couple frolicking (possibly even rollicking) but the rep said that it would be impossible for anyone to see because the tapes are stored off site.

Clearly, someone is lying or ass covering. So, who has an interest in lying about a sex tape with #12 and Gisele(the Brady Bundch)? Sure, we would immediately think that anyone that saw this tape was immediately cool. But aren’t people working at exclusive restaurants automatically cool? So, they have no real reason to lie. But what about a high-end restaurant that caters to exclusive clientele? We would think that they would probably not like it to get out. We just checked LimeWire and there’s nothing out there yet. We’re just thanking our lucky stars that this came around. We’ve been pretty disappointed with celebrity sex tape output largely due to the Gene Simmons tape.

Let that be a lesson to you. Anything that you tape will eventually wind up on the interweb and it’s possible that all of us are constantly being watched by video cameras.

Read more from the NY Post on a possible sex tape…

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