Sex On Campus Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

college graduates


We really, really didn’t want to cop an article from Newsweek but the Huffington Post and Gawker did, so when in Rome get crunk. OK, the bottom line is this everyone on a college campus thinks they’re the perfect person to write a sex column. The Onion lampooned this phenomenon in 2004. Honestly, how often do you remember some smarmy collegian saying, “No, I’m just a keen observer of people. These sheep, you know?”

So, a few big time colleges have magazines dedicated to the sexual aspect of campus life. Harvard has the H Bomb, Boston University has Boink, and Yale has SWAY (which is an acronym of some sort, but can’t be bothered with that). And their gaining in popularity while numbers indicate that college students are having less intercourse. The numbers that Newsweek mentions are: in 2000 college dudes reported having 2.1 sexual partners per year and in 2006 they clock in at 1.6 partners. Sure, they both round to 2 (technically in guy math 2.1 rounds to 4 and 1.6 rounds to 3), but 25% decrease is pretty hefty. And in a 2006 survey, half of Harvard’s undergrads claimed to be virgins; we’re guessing that they’re holding out for their first bosses at Goldman Sachs.

Anyway, sociologists are at a loss as to why there’s so much sex talk out there and people aren’t doing it as much. In fact, in according to a survey by American College Health Association, college students estimate that their peers are doing it three times the rate that they actually are. Some people estimate that there is lots of focus on educating youngsters about the dangers of unprotected and promiscuous sex. We’re pretty sure that the college students of today are mostly turned off by trashy celebs. And (though there is evidence to support this) we’re pretty sure we can peg all of this non-intercoursing on the resurgence of the HJ. We'll go on record with this, no one has ever gotten pregnant and there has to be only a handful (zing!) cases of STDs associated with jerk jobs.

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