Dating The Coach's Daughter

Dating The Coach's Daughter

Chris Snee is an offensive lineman for the New York Football Giants. They are playing in the Super Bowl this weekend (click here for more on the big game). Tom Coughlin is the coach of the NY Football Giants. Chris Snee is married to Tom Coughlin’s daughter Katie. Chris and Katie attended Boston College together. Katie ended up having Chris’s child growing inside of her belly. Tom Coughlin’s New York Football Giants drafted Chris in the second round of the 2004 draft. Yep. Things. Just. Got. Interesting.

What’s the problem? The Giants needed some help at right guard (offensive line position just to the right of the center) and it was probably just a coinkydink that they happened to get the coach’s grandson’s father. Snee says that he catches some ribbing from his teammates for his relationship, but what dude doesn’t? Coach Coughlin is notoriously authoritarian (though he has eased up this year to great effect) and may have had motivation to draft Snee. That’s well and good, but what about Katie?

Her chances of making into the NFL and playing her way back into her dad’s good graces were not as good. Though he’s reported to be a totally different guy off the field, how would you feel about telling your Irish Catholic father about this? He once fined a guy $1,000 for not being early enough to a team meeting. You concentrate on being the best wife/ mother/ daughter possible. We would probably beg forgiveness and insist that our Catholic university is to blame for not providing adequate birth control. Instead she graduated from BC, got married, and has a family. And cheers for the Giants like no one’s business. This works out way better for her, having Chris as a Giant. There are no divided loyalties, like when Bobby Bowden’s wife wore a half Clemson and half Florida State sweatshirt. Along the way, Katie and Chris decided to have another kid (the two boys are Dylan and Cooper). We’re not sure if there’s any promotion that Chris can get for the second kid but he could lobby to get the ball on a trick play (like when they ran the oopty-oop to win the big game in Varsity Blues).

This sounds like it could have been an awesome episode of Coach. This really would have been Coach Hayden Fox’s dream come true. Instead, his daughter Kelly married that doofus Stuart.

Check out their charity, the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation. They raise money to help children with cancer. The foundation is named, in part, after a former Boston College Player Jay McGillis who ultimately lost a courageous battle to leukemia.

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