Boom And Bust: Breast Size Increases In UK

Boom and Bust: Breast Size Increases In UK

Over the past decade the average brassiere size in the UK has gone from a 34B to a 36C. A lingerie manufacturer projects that a quarter of their bra sales are in the D cup range (double two years ago). And some underwear manufacturers are constructing cup size into the K range(K? Seriously?). What a development. Scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists have a handful of theories and ideas what’s contributing to this.

1: Obesity. They’re just like us, so our across-the-pond friends have ballooning waistlines. And women store fat in their breasts.
2: Breast Implants. This is the most common form of cosmetic surgery in the UK (not orthodontal work, really?). But only about 10,000 are done per year. So maybe some of those big boobs are phony. And evidently Posh Spice will not be adding to this trend until the end of the Spice Girl tour.
3: Hormone Therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy staves off some menopausal effects by boosting Estrogen. Estrogen receptors then encourage breasts to grow more mammary tissue.
4: Early Puberty. Same as above. The presence of Estrogen during a time of physical (or emotional) growth can signal to the breasts to keep building.
5: Fewer children and later: Pregnant and breastfeeding women have less Estrogen. And these days, women are having fewer children and having them later. So they are exposed to a longer, heavier dose of the hormone.
6: Booze. Evidently, English lasses have seen Girls Gone Wild and want in. The last decade or so has seen a marked increase in boozing among women. Alcohol is largely made of sugar. High sugar levels sucker your body into producing more Insulin, which helps store energy as fat.
7: Foreign Hormones: There are things called ‘xeno-estrogens.’ These things can be found in all manner of products from cosmetics to food. No one is sure how much these false hormones are doing, but it could be drastic.

And just so that you don’t think science hates big boobs.

8: Weight Lifting. More women are lifting free weights than ever before. This can build the pectoral muscle beneath the breast.
9: Health. Women are generally healthier now and breast size is likely a side effect of that. Malnutrition is lower and protein intake is higher than previous generations.
10: Jordan. The model Katie Price is a celebrity mash up of Pamela Anderson, Tila Tequila, Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton. She’s known for her curvy figure and outsized ‘personality.’ Men definitely want to be with her; maybe women want to be her.

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