“Rules Of Engagement” Adds Cast Members, Cast Members Add Family

It looks like Heather Locklear will be joining her ‘just friends’ buddy, David Spade, on the cast of Rules Of Engagement. If you haven’t caught ROE (Don’t worry, you’re not alone), it’s about five people. Four of them are together (boy/ girl, boy/ girl) and the fifth is David Spade, essentially playing himself. One of the couples is married and the other is newly engaged (hence the title). The known quantities in this show are Peter Warburton, the married dude, (Putty from Seinfeld, high five) and David Spade, reprising his role as himself. Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson’s brother, is the newly engaged guy and presumably the focus of the show. Hudson gets washed out by Warburton (doing his squinty-eyed, deep voice thing) and Spade (doing his smarmy, for some reason women find me attractive thing). Warburton and Spade are stand-ins for the old chestnut of shoulder angel and devil. In fact, most of the show’s humor revolves around Spade’s character being free to do what he wants and Warburton’s character having to check in with the wife on decisions of any consequence. The only real argument that the show makes in favor of marriage is a few tender moments between jabs and adjacent to the credits. It looks like they’re bringing a little STAR POWER with Locklear to take this thing to the next level. Too bad that Charlie Sheen is locked up with Two And A Half Men, that guy’s small screen gold.

In other ROE news, Oliver Hudson and wife Erinn Bartlett gave birth to their first kid. They’ve got a new son called Wilder Brooks Hudson. We like adjectives plus superlatives for baby names. We can’t wait to introduce our kid Crunkest Dish Tango to the world, when we get around to procreating.