Paula Zahn Appears To Have Detailed Her Affair In Her Diary

Paula Zahn Appears To Have Detailed Her Affair In Her Diary

From The New York Daily News By George Rush and Joanna Molloy

Paula Zahn's words of love are coming back to haunt her now that the newswoman's estranged husband has his hands on a diary that lays bare her secret affair with another tycoon. "It's Paula's love book," a source tells us. "It documents her tryst" with married ContiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg.

What's in the private journal? "It's quite lurid," says the source. "Let's leave it at that."


Richard Cohen, the multimillionaire developer who has been the ex-CNN anchor's husband for 20 years, discovered the diary with their 17-year-old daughter, Haley, according to another source.

Tango’s Take There are really only a few things you have to do to not get caught cheating.
1)    Do not use the family credit card for hotel rooms or expensive gifts.
2)    Be careful using certain florists (check out the Dish from August 10th).
3)    Be sure to call your spouse by the right name.
4)    Make sure that if your spouse is working fast food (or retail) that you don’t stop by for a bit of post-coital snacking (or shopping).
5)    Shower afterwards. But don’t overdo it. There’s something suspicious about someone that’s extra fresh when they get home from work.
6)    Don’t hop in the shower (or bed) with a used prophylactic on. Thank you, 40 Year Old Virgin.
7)    Don’t leave a diary (or journal) detailing the whole sordid business.


Do people want to be caught? We at Tango do not condone cheating. In fact, 9 out of 10 Helens agree that honesty is the best policy, but how is everyone so dumb? Sure journal writing is therapeutic and all that rot, but be reasonable. Every diary is compromised at least once. Not so good, Paula Z.

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