Die Hard 4 Co-Stars Justin Long And Maggie Q Are An Item

Die Hard 4 Co-Stars Justin Long and Maggie Q Are An Item

Ignore Bruce Willis. Chemistry!

From OK! Magazine Live Free and Die Hard co-stars Justin Long and Maggie Q are dating!

“Justin and Maggie were making out in full view of everyone at the ‘HER Luau at the Mansion,’ July 21 at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion,” an eyewitness says.

The event – hosted by Denise Richards – benefited the Nicole Brown Foundation, to stop domestic violence.

Justin, 29, and the Vietnamese-American beauty, 28, “met on the Live Free and Die Hard set. They met as co-stars on the set, and then they hooked-up,” the source adds.

Tango’s Take Yeah. They’re not big stars (yet.) But have you seen those Mac commercials? Justin Long's going to be a star. Maybe not on stage or the silver screen, but we see an Internet series with his name on it. And Maggie Q. We don’t know much about her and it looks like Die Hard was her first US movie. We assumed that she was ashamed of her last name, like it was Qadaffi or some unpronounceable Vietnamese name. It turns out that it’s Quigley. Maggie Quigley is a bit of a mouthful; Maggie Q’s a worthwhile change. We wonder if Justin’s original last name is Shortlong and he changed it because he is ashamed of his Appalachian heritage.
In Other Celebrity Get-Together News: Nicky Hilton and year-long boyfriend David Katzenberg are allegedly talking marriage. Those Hiltons are cagey. There hasn’t been any Paris news for a day or two and Nicky lets this tasty morsel out. We wonder if there’s anyone running a correlation between the amount of time the Hiltons are in the news and the price of Hilton stock. They could be the most brilliant stock manipulators of all time.

Word on the street (or rue, if you will) is that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are getting hitched. Good effort, gang. They’ve only been together for 9 years and have 2 kids, but now’s as good a time as any. After the third Pirates installment, he probably feels that he finally has enough money to make it last.

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