Woman Dream About Sex As Much As Guys

Woman Dream About Sex As Much As Guys

Oh Dane Cook, make me feel like a natural woman.

From ABC.com By Katharine Stoel Gammon

Whether it's Brad Pitt in a hot tub or Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, women dream about sex as often as men do, according to a new study.

In new research released Thursday, 109 women and 64 men recorded their dreams in a daily sleep log for two to four weeks. They submitted these accounts of their dreams, more than 3,500 in all, to researchers at the University of Montreal.

The dream logs were then scored on various scales according to the type of sexual activity, the setting and the characters involved.

Men's sex dreams were twice as likely to involve trysts with multiple partners, and were more likely to take place in public.

Women were twice as likely to dream about sex with public figures, according to the researchers.

Tango’s Take Of course women dream about sex as much as dudes. Though we hope that the test wasn’t counting total number, because there were like 70% more women in the experiment than men. We were wondering how honest the participants were, but the modern woman is far more open and honest about her sexuality than previous generations. She doesn’t have to be tricked or cajoled into answering deeply personal questions (though subterfuge and cajolery should be kept in every researcher’s arsenal, just in case). The researchers say that these dreams are a result of women being inundated with sexual imagery and sentiment; we just think they’re being more honest than previous generations. So women like dreaming about powerful, good-looking, famous men. And men pretty much dream about the women they saw in that sexy shampoo ad they watched before bed. Venus, Mars, eh. Someone should sponsor a nationwide contest about which public figures are most often the objects of desire for female dreamers. Our money is on Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis; chicks seem to dig that goofball. The only thing that this research proves to us is that women are really lucky that they don’t have typically messy nocturnal emissions.

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