Love Song: Harry Connick Jr. And Jill Goodacre

Harry Connick Jr and Jill Goodacre

A stunning woman falls out of the pages of a lingerie catalog and into your arms. The velvet voice coming from the radio late at night really is crooning in your ear. But in the limelight, relationships tend to spontaneously combust—which is one reason why the 12-year marriage of three-time Grammy Award winner Harry Connick, Jr., and former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre is—well, dreamy. Connick, fresh off his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning revival of The Pajama Game, stars in William Friedkin’s psychological thriller Bug, out in December. In February, he returns to his New Orleans big-band roots with the release of his 22nd album, Oh, My Nola. Meanwhile, Goodacre has her hands full with their three daughters, Georgia Tatom, 10, Sara Kate, 9, and Charlotte Jane, 4. Tango grabbed a chance to quiz the couple—individually—about what makes their love sing.

JG: We were both out in California staying at the same hotel. I was checking out and he was swimming in the pool. Thankfully, he came up for air and saw me walk by! He introduced himself, and it was truly love at first sight.
HC: When I introduced myself, I wasn’t trying to ask her on a date or anything. But she is such an amazing beauty that the physical attraction was so strong. I never saw anybody that beautiful in person before.

JG: He asked me to have lunch with him. I was so smitten that I held up filming an Italian TV show for two hours. It was his big blue eyes and his Southern drawl that were the biggest turn-ons.
HC: We went to a place called Barney’s Beanery in L.A. I was trying to be real cool since she was more worldly than I was. Looking back, it didn’t work. I was nervous around her.

JG: Oh good lord, no! He kissed my hand. He’s a gentleman. But I did give him my number.
HC: Yeah, we kissed somewhere around the first date. I can’t remember exactly.

JG: Instantly, within 30 seconds of meeting him. There was something very intense between us. He asked me to marry him after two years together, then we were engaged for two more. It was amazing that we waited for so long, but we wanted to get to know each other.
HC: I thought I wanted to marry her when I first met her. It was just a question of being absolutely sure—we talked about it two years into the relationship, then waited another two years. Growing up, marriage was a serious thing in my house. I didn’t want to get married and then get divorced; that happens a lot in my business.

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