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Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas

Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the summer, and it's just around the corner! If you are not independent, so to speak, it is also the perfect day to do something romantic with your significant other. Here are 10 spectacular, dazzling date ideas that will make both of your hearts go boom:

1. Soak up some sun and play in the water. There's always an excuse to go to the beach in the summer, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Plus, everyone looks a little sexier with some skin showing, and splashing in the water together is a playful and fun way to spend the day.

2. Set up a picnic in the park. Nothing beats eating, talking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Before going on your picnic, cook and bake special Independence Day treats together.

3. Eat a romantic dinner outside. Summer is best time of year to enjoy outdoor seating at your favorite local restaurant, especially on the holiday. Sitting outside is sure to make it feel like summer.

4. Watch the fireworks together. Watching the fireworks during this holiday is a classic, and seeing them as a couple makes for an adorable date. Find yourselves a good location to get the best view, and don't forget to kiss as the fireworks erupt against the night sky!

5. Take him out to the ballgame. Between the competition, crazy fans and delicious beer and hot dogs, a baseball game is such a fun date! So, this Fourth of July, enjoy this all-American sport by rooting for your team and getting caught on the kiss cam.

6. See a parade. The Fourth of July is known for fun parades in many cities across the country. Spend the day outdoors people-watching.

7. Enjoy a dip in the pool and a fun family BBQ. Depending on how long you have been dating, the Fourth of July can be a great time to surround yourself with loved ones in the backyard. Turn on the grill, swim together in the pool and, most importantly, spend time with the family.

8. Indulge in some ice cream or frozen yogurt. Who doesn't like ice cream or fro-yo in the summer, especially on hot, July days? As a couple, stop by your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop and treat yourselves to this delicious summer dessert. For even more fun, pick out each other's flavors or create a treat inspired by this holiday.

9. Visit an historic landmark. For all you history nerds out there, visiting a patriotic landmark on a date is perfect for Independence Day. Some suggestions include going to the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Boston Harbor or taking a trip to see the monuments in Washington, D.C.

10. Snuggle and watch a movie. Sometimes it's too hot or it rains on the Fourth of July, so going to the movies or watching one together on the couch is a nice way to spend the holiday. There are a ton of movie options for summer, or if you decide to stay at home, you can try a Fourth-themed movie such as Independence Day or The Patriot.

Whatever you and your date decide to do, make it a Fourth of July you'll never forget! Happy Independence Day!