8 Do's & Don'ts Of Sexting

8 Do's & Don'ts Of Sexting

8 Do's & Don'ts Of Sexting

8 Do's & Don'ts Of Sexting [EXPERT]
If you choose to sext, there are some things you need to know.

Sex and technology has taken an exciting new turn. Smart phones with high quality camera and video capabilities have taken the idea of phone sex to a whole new level. Single? Why Men May Ignore You

You can be thousands of miles apart or the next town over and seduce your partner with all sorts of sexually explicit treats. It can definitely spice up your relationship by adding excitement and keep your partner stimulated in ways that will leave them wanting more. Kids & Sexting: What Parents Need To Know

Just as sexting has its advantages, it also has the potential to spark disaster; the internet is just filled with nude pics from your favorite celebs phones. If you are not careful and selective about who sees your private photos, all of your business could be permanently displayed for the world to see. Which Flirting Style Is Best For You?

Here are my eight Do's and Don'ts for sexting:

1. Don't sext too soon. Just because someone gives you their phone number does not mean that you should automatically start texting dirty talk and sexy photos. You should take the time to make sure you trust the person that you want to sext. If it doesn't feel right, act on the side of caution and just don't do it! I have seen and heard instances of people sexting someone they meet in a club and their photos end up on online porn sites. Once it's out there, there is not too much you can do get it off.

2. Don't sext before having live sex. The worst thing you can do is over deliver via text and under deliver when it's time for the real thing. You also don't want to kill the curiosity your partner may have about your sexual performance. I advise you not to say or show anything that you have not already demonstrated in person.

3. Do be a tease. The best sext always stems from hot foreplay; take the time to flirt and build up anticipation. Send a teaser text or picture that doesn't give up all your goods at once. Be creative because it will make the experience last longer.

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