4 Surprising Sex Positions To Try Tonight


4 Surprising Sex Positions To Try Tonight
Stuck in a rut? Take your love life from standard to sexy!

Everyone already knows about the regular, tried and tested lovemaking positions that you can try out with your man like missionary and doggystyle, but what about some fun sexual positions? (P.S. If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips & techniques for building sexual tension & turning him on, you’ll find them in this powerful video)

  1. Bodyguard Sex Position: Do you like that feeling of your man holding your tightly and enveloping you? If you do, then you'll love the bodyguard position. To perform it with your man, you're both going to be standing upright, facing forward with your man behind you. He'll then enter you from behind and wrap his arms around you. It's very easy to perform. If there is a large height difference between the both of you, then your man can bend his knees a bit to lower himself down or you can try standing on your toes. One of the best things about the bodyguard position is that you can really feel all of your man, just like when you are spooning, except now he has more room and freedom to penetrate you with hard and fast strokes. A great way to perform the bodyguard position is up against a wall so that you can push back off it into him. It's also a fantastic position to transition to right after you've been giving him a blow job. Speaking of oral sex, if you want to learn some really hot oral sex techniques, then you may be interested in checking out this detailed video tutorial.
  2. The Sofa Surprise Sex Position: The sofa surprise position is a really fun sex position to surprise your man with. This is because your man will be sitting down during it. This makes it perfect for when he is relaxing and watching TV. So while your man is relaxing in front of the TV, put on something sexy that you know your man adores, like a skirt or some sexy lingerie. Then make your way over to him, get on top of him and straddle him. Now you have a choice...you can unzip his trousers immediately and go straight to sex...or you can take a slower approach and start by kissing him. Some people find it hotter to just unzip their man's trousers, while others like to take his trousers and brief off first. The key to making this position fun is doing what you are most comfortable with and makes for the best sex.
  3. Sliding Lady Sex Position: The sliding lady is probably the most fun sex positions by far. To perform it with your man, he needs to start by lying down on his back with one leg straight and on the bed, while his other leg is bent with his foot planted on the bed. You need to then straddle his bent leg facing away from him. This means that your stomach and chest will be facing his knee and he will be looking at your back. So if your man has his left leg bent, you will be straddling it, with your right leg in between both of his legs and your left leg outside his left leg. (Don't forget to watch this professional presentation on how to talk dirty to your man effectively.) In this position you can grab his raised leg with your hands and pull yourself in towards him to get more stimulation on your clitoris, while also using it to pull yourself up and down on him. Your man won't get a ton of pleasure out of the Sliding Lady position, but if you like a lot of clitoral stimulation during sex, then you'll find it really, really fun indeed! 
  4. G-Spot Sniper Sex Position: You can probably guess that the G-spot sniper position is going to provide you with a lot of stimulation to your G-spot. And what's not fun about a position that does that? To get set up in this position, you need to lay down on your back, while your man is on his knees by your crotch. You then need to raise your legs upwards and backward, while trying to keep them straight. Your man needs to help you with this. At this point it's important to remember that how far back you put your legs is a personal preference. Further back does not necessarily mean more pleasure. With your legs in this position, your man can now enter you and start thrusting, while you rest your legs on his shoulders. At this stage, it's important to adjust your position to make sure you find the most enjoyable position to get the most G-spot stimulation possible.

And there you have it, 4 of the most fun sex positions that you should try with your man.

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