When Sexting Is A Bad Idea


When Sexting Is A Bad Idea
It's so easy for a dirty text message to turn into a thankless electronic blow job.

Some guys are hotties who know exactly how to play women. I should know, I’ve caught a few swarming around my Venus Fly Trap on a hot summer’s night.  Sometimes I wish my vajayjay actually was a carnivorous plant with the power to devour playboys (remember the movie Teeth?). But anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that some guys are good at the game, and it’s your job not to let one suck your female power out of you like crabmeat from the claw.

If you are hot for a dude and really find yourself eager to please him and nervous that you aren’t enough for him, please do not sext him.  Sexting is a power trip for a woman and it’s the ultimate tease; however, it can quickly turn into a thankless electronic blow job.  Don’t let this happen.  If you don’t feel like a guy really likes you, respects you and wants to know you on a personal level, don’t send him dirty texts.  He needs to earn those texts. 

Sexts are supposed to make a guy feel powerless to you (trust me, he likes that), but they aren’t supposed to be something that makes a guy feel like he has a harem of bitches who would do anything for him.  And a lot of guys use cell phone ‘intimacy’ to brag to their friends about how much cock they’ve got in their jock!

Don’t be a victim of a douchebag.  Protect yourself by refraining from dirty texting with a guy who makes you feel irritated and/or insecure in his presence.  Don’t try to be the girl who ‘changes’ him or snags him to prove your worth as a sexy trophy woman.  That will get you burned soooo fast!  Trust me.   Why?  Because a douche like that probably isn’t capable of commitment and real love and if you’re coming at him from a place of wanting to win him, hook him, conquer him, etc. with sexy talk and silly mind games, he’s going to not only lose interest after a while, he’s going to never trust you.  Players are scared guys who have perfected the “first act” because they don’t want to experience abandonment.  You aren’t gonna save him or heal him or make him so powerless that he changes– you ain’t god or a social worker so get over yourself and get a guy who deserves you.

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