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The Six Best Sex Positions to Make Passionate Love


The Six Best Sex Positions to Make Passionate Love
Sex is one of the most natural ways to get closer to your partner.

All of these intimte sex positions if done correctly can bring couples closer together. As a clinical sexologist these are a few of the sex positions that I instruct couples to do as part of the home assignment exercises. 

Many of this position are also beneficial in maintaining a longer more passionate love making session. 

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The rocking horse position
This is a wonderful position because the couple is face to face, kissing and slow passionate penetration can take place.  The man sits cross-legged and leans back supporting himself with both arms behind him or leaning against a wall.  The woman kneels over his lap hugging him with her thighs and lowers herself down at the speed and depth that she determines.  This also allows her to adjust her body to him making it possible for clitoral stimulation as well.  This position is wonderful for the man and woman to kiss and look at each other face to face, and have the ability to play with nipples and neck kissing.

The Curled Angel (aka Anjou-style) - karma sutra sex position

The woman curls up on her side, knees drawn up and the man spoons her from behind. Penetration is fairly easy from his position and the man can reach around to touch her breast and clitoris.  In this position it also good for deep penetration that can be done in a slower motion while still maintaining an embrace.  This is a wonderful position for women that are pregnant.   The man can in this position cuddle her, kiss her neck, ear and face while slowly and intimately making love to her.

The Glowing Juniper Position

In this position the woman lies on her back with her legs open and outstretched.   The man sits between her knees, facing her with his legs outstretched.  He can lean against a wall or pillows for more comfort.

He lifts her hips to aid penetration and at the same time he can lean down to kiss her belly, breasts and face providing his flexibility.   This is a wonderfully romantic position for many couples.

The Rowing boat Sex position

To get into this position the man starts by lying back so the woman can sit down slowly on to his penis.

The man then sits up, bringing his knees and torso up so that both the couple is face to face and his knees are on the outside of her body.  She should also have her knees bent up so her legs are outside his and she can wrap her legs around him.

He slips his arms over her calves and under her knees and she slips her hands under his knees and round her thighs so that she can grip his hands.  It almost looks like a rocking position.  The intimate part about this position is the couple is face to face looking in each other’s eyes and being able to kiss and have a more intimate bond.  The penetration is slow and rocking slighting together can create the thrusting motion.

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