50 Crazy & Creative Couples Halloween Costumes


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From the spookiest to the funniest, here are 50 of our favorites.

Not sure what to be this Halloween? YourTango's pulled together 50 fun, original couples costumes. We're not the only ones who can come up with great couples costumes, so leave us a comment and tell us how you and your partner have dressed up together in the past, or what you're planning for this year. 


Here are 13 of our favorites from Pop Culture!:

1. Christian Grey & Anastasia Steel from Fifty Shades of Grey


Christian Grey: White dress shirt, grey suit and tie, and some kinky toys hanging out of your pocket or around your belt loops (a riding crop, a feather toy, etc). If you're really into it, gently whip and boss around Anastasia — she loves it.
Anastasia Steel: Brown wig, a form-fitting dress or skirt and bustier combo, sexy high heels, a sequined mask and handcuffs.

2. Sandy & Danny


Him: White tee shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, and black boots. Hair should be style with a good amount of gel.

Her: Black top, black leggings or pants, and red heels.

3. Walter White & Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad


Walter White: Bald cap, yellow hazmat suit, a gas mask and/or goggles, and a real or fake van dyke.
Jesse Pinkman: Yellow hazmat suit and a gas mask and/or goggles. Say "yo" and "bitch" constantly.

4. Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games


Katniss EverdeenDark braided hair, black v-neck shirt, black windbreaker, dark cargo pants, a toy bow, and a backpack full of arrows.
Peeta Mellark: Black tee shirt, green cargo pants, black army boots, and sexual tension.

5. Brad & Janet from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Him:  A dress shirt, sweater vest, blue or gray dress slacks, a khaki jacket, and some retro glasses. Plenty of Brad confidence, too! 

Her: A simple, single-colored dress, a white sweater, small purse, and a slight curl to your hair. Bonus points if you manage to fit "Oh, Brad!" into every conversation that evening. 

6. Daisy Buchanan & Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby


Daisy Buchanan: Sparkly or pastel knee-length flapper-style dress, a short blonde wig with a glittery hair accessory, and an empty martini glass. Bonus: Carry a luxe fur wrap or fancy cigarette holder.

Jay Gatsby: Tuxedo or suit, slicked-back hair, empty martini glass. Start out dashing and mysterious and get totally wasted and have a meltdown by the end of the night.

7. Piper & Alex from Orange Is The New Black


Piper: Orange (or beige) nursing scrubs with white tee shirt underneath and a blonde wig. Hold hands and make out with Alex.
Alex: Beige nursing scrubs with white long-sleeved shirt underneath, a black wig, black plastic glasses, and fake tattoos.

8. Mario and Princess Peach


Him: Red long-sleeved shirt, overalls, red hat, and white gloves.

Her: Pink dress, blonde wig, princess crown, white gloves, and blue earrings.

9. Juno & Paulie Bleeker

Him: Red hoodie, bright yellow jogging shorts, long white socks, yellow sweatbands, and black running shoes,

Her: Orange and hite tee shirt, jeans with a skirt over top, sweater, and something to stuff your belly if you need it.

10. Buster Bluth & Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development


Buster Bluth: Preppy short-sleeved shirt, or a long-sleeved dress shirt with a sweater vest, wire-rimmed glasses, and a hook for a hand. Or honor Buster's time serving our country in basic Army fatigues and boots.
Lucille Bluth: Brown bobbed wig, a skirt suit, a pearl necklace AND a brooch, and an empty martini glass.

11. The Office's Dwight & Angela


Him: A yellow shirt, tie, combed hair with a part in the middle, large round glasses, a watch, and a name tag saying "Dwight Schrute".

Her: Blonde wig, turtleneck, sweater (preferably pink), long skirt, and a stuffed cat.

12. Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones


Daenerys Targaryen: Long white-blonde wig with a short piece braided in the back, long and flowing white/gray/beige sleeveless dress, and lace-up sandals. Carry a dragon egg (large Easter eggs painted dark green, gray, or copper.) Add subtle glitter for an ethereal effect.

Khal Drogo: Loose khaki or tan pants, a dark women's tube top around your abs, a wide belt, a toy sword, and lots of black eye makeup. Paint on those signature tribal shoulder symbols and grow or buy a beard that you can tie up like a ponytail.

13. Pedro & Napolean from Napolean Dynamite


​Pedro: Denim jeans, a brown belt, a black wig, tiny mustache, and a floral print long-sleeved shirt.

Napolean: A "Vote for Pedro" shirt, high-waisted denim jeans, black moon boots, a curly wig, glasses, and a slack-jawed expression. Bonus: If you can fit his catch phrases in at every opportunity, gosh! 

7 of our favorite heroes—and maybe a few villains, too!

1. Night Bitch & Dr. Gravity from Kick-Ass 2


Night Bitch: Red wig in spiky pigtails, sparkly bikini top, cropped jacket with a black collar, black fingerless gloves, black pants, and black high heel boots. Don't forget to paint on a black mask just over the eyes. Bonus: great abs.
Dr. Gravity: Maroon hooded sweatshirt and pants, black leather gloves, black boots, and goggles. Use duct tape to make the stripes on the suit.

2. Cyclops & Jean Grey


Him: Black glasses with red tinted lenses, black jacket, and jeans.

Her: Red wig, black leather top, and black leather pants.

3. StarLord & Gamora


Him: Red leather jacket, black pants, leather boots.

Her: Green body paint, black wig and use temporary red hair spray to get red tips, and wear a full leather outfit.

4. Captain America & Peggy Carter


Him: Red, white, and blue long-sleeved shirt and pants, a silver and red shield with a star in the middle.

Her: A green, military-style skirt suit, black pumps, red lipstick, and a banging retro pin curl hairstyle.

5. Clark Kent & Lois Lane


Him: You can always wear the traditional tightie-whitie style supersuit and cape combo, or go a little different and be Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent. Wear a white dress shirt, black slacks, some plastic framed glasses, and have your "Superman symbol" peeking through the front. 

Her: A dress shirt, glasses, some traditional pumps, and a pencil skirt. Carry some file folders filled with pictures of Superman in them and pester your Clark Kent about it all night. 

6. Batman & Catwoman


Him: Black tights, a black or gold-painted "utility" belt, black boots, black gloves, a long-sleeved black top, a cape, and of course, your signature bat mask.

Her: A black body suit, black boots, and black gloves. You can choose from the movie version's mask, Michelle Pfeiffer's tight cat suit, or go with the comic book style and tuck your hair into a hood with cat ears.

7. Joker & Harley Quinn


Him: Luckily, there are many options for the Joker. You can go with the standard green and purple suit, or choose from any of the iterations of his suit over the years. Choose from Heath Ledger's nurse uniform, or even Jared Leto's grill-wearing tattooed Joker! 

Her: There are also many versions of the Harley Quinn costume. Choose from the whole body suit, to any variation thereof, or even the new Suicide Squad's red and blue modern look.

These are just 10 of the cutest, quirkiest costumes to make you LOL:

1. Koala & Tree


Tree: Brown pants, brown shirt, leaves made of green cardboard or fabric, pinned to your clothes.
Koala: Gray pants, gray shirt, gray face paint with a black oval around your nose. Remember to give the tree plenty of hugs, so people can see you in your "natural" habitat.

2. Adam & Eve


For the brave couple.
Both: Cut large leaves out of green construction paper or green fabric. Go as nude as you're comfortable with and strategically pin or tape the leaves to your garments. If you fear you'll be cold, purchase flesh colored leggings and long-sleeve tops to go under the leaves. Bonus: Carry around a sack of apples and offer them to people.

Adam: Apple in hand (or pocket).
Eve: Wear a rubber toy snake around your neck.

3. Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe


Andy: Black turtleneck, round sunglasses and white hair. Really committed folks can bleach their hair, others can wear a white wig or buy white hair spray.
Marilyn: Pale pink foundation, aqua eye shadow, crimson lipstick, yellow wig or hair spray, a la the famous pop-art portrait Warhol created of Marilyn after her suicide. Wear a white or black halter-top dress, and some gorgeous heels.

4. Artist & Painting


Artist: Paint-splattered clothes (overalls if you're going modern or a black cape if you're going old-fashioned), painting palate (can be real, or made from cardboard), paint brush.
Painting: Take a large, rectangular cardboard box and cut a rectangle out of one side, so there's about two inches of cardboard left around the edges. Then put the box over your head so you're looking out of the hole you just cut—you're suddenly inside a frame. The painting can dress up like a famous painting (think Mona Lisa or Girl With A Pearl Earring) or be an original work of art.

5. Hot Dog & Bun


Hot dog: Brown shirt, brown pants, brown toboggan hat, brown shoes. Use red and yellow fabric paint to draw squiggly ketchup and mustard lines vertically up and down your body. Bonus: Glue on small squares of white cardboard to simulate chopped onions.
Bun: Cheap foam mattress pad with holes cut out for your arms.
Or, you can purchase the costumes here.

6. Goldilocks & Bear


Goldilocks: Blond wig with a bow. Blue, yellow or pink peasant dress of any kind. Apron. White ankle socks and Mary Janes. Bonus: Carry a spoon.
Bear: Brown clothes, bear ears (homemade or store-bought). Bonus: Paint your face brown and color your nose black.

7. Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf


Little Red: Red-hooded cloak or red-hooded sweatshirt, rosy cheeks, curly pigtails, stockings, pinafore.
Wolf: Furry, pointed ears, fangs, gray or brown face paint, furry tail. Or, simply, wear a Wolf Blitzer T-shirt.


8. Sexy Lady Frankenstein & Frankenstein's Monster


Frankenstein: Black boots, green face paint, "bolts" in the side of your neck. You can wear it with a sweater vest and sports coat, Herman Muenster style.
Sexy Lady F: Green face paint from forehead to cleavage, black lipstick and fake stitches on your forehead. (Your brain was just replaced, after all.) Wear an oversized blazer over a sexy little black dress. Bonus: Black fingernail polish, green stockings, a white streak in your hair, using a white or gray hair extension or white hair spray.

9. Vampire & Victim


Vampire: Fangs, pale or white makeup on all exposed skin (optional: shimmer a la Twilight), crimson lipstick, black eyeliner. Black blazer for the hipsters, black cape for traditionalists, red button-up shirt, black pants, black shoes.
Victim: Torn shirt, fake blood and bite marks on your neck, disheveled hair, red lips and flushed cheeks. For those who doesn't like costumes, wear normal clothes and just add a spot of blood on your neck.

10. Devil & Angel


Devil: Red and black clothes (black pants, black button-up and red vest for a man; red skirt, shirt and black or red tights for a woman), black shoes, red lipstick, devil ears. Bonus: Carry a pitchfork (store-bought or made from cardboard). Pin a pointy tail to your butt.
Angel: White clothes (white dress and tights for a woman, white suit for a man), white gloves, wings (store-bought, unless you're ambitious and/or artistic), halo (same).


And TK of the most reliable Halloween costumes—zombie anything:

1. Tennis Players


Both: Tennis whites, tennis sneakers, racket, fake blood on your clothes. Pale or white face makeup, and black makeup around your eyes.

2. Revolutionary Couple

Him: A hat, cravat, a tailcoat, pants, gloves and boots.
Her: An elaborate wig with curls, a dress, and gloves.

3. Cheerleader & Football Player


Cheerleader: Short, pleated skirt, tight logo shirt (optional bare belly), pom-poms, sneakers, hair in a high poly-tail with ribbons that match your outfit.
Football player: Football uniform (helmet, shoulder pads, shiny tights, football jersey).
Both: Pale or white face makeup, and black makeup around your eyes.

4. Bride & Groom


Bride: White dress, veil, bouquet of dried flowers. Pale or white face make-up, and black makeup around your eyes.
Groom: Tux. Pale or white face makeup, and black makeup around your eyes.

Conceptual & Wordplay

1. Booty Call


iPhone: You're the "call" part of this costume. Find a large box. Punch a hole in the bottom for your head and two holes on each side for your arms. Use the front of the box to recreate an iPhone screen.
Booty: Skanky clubwear, high heels, and a huge Kim Kardashian-esque stuffed booty. Carry your cellphone and "answer it" when the iPhone calls you. (Of course, you could just wear normal clothes and get booty called, but it's Halloween!)

39. Friends With Benefits


Friends: Wear a similar top and bottom (like jeans and a black shirt). Legibly write down the multiple benefits you offer as a friend (e.g. paid vacation, health insurance, can assemble Ikea furniture, etc.) on unlined 5"x8" index cards. Use permanent marker to make every word easy to read. Then tape your benefits all over your clothes and link arms with your friend. Ta-da!

40. Add

41. Friendzone

Friends: Dress head to toe in black clothing. Use the glorious Internet and Photoshop to modify the famous yellow School Zone sign to read "Friend Zone." Print out your masterpiece, glue it on a tongue depressor, and carry it with you as a sign. If someone you're not attracted to approaches you, be sure to wave it around

42. Social Media

Twitter: Cut out 140 letters and pin or tape them to a T-shirt. Be sure to include a hash tag (#).
Facebook: Draw a Facebook wall on a piece of cardboard, and cut out a rectangle where you'll put your Face (and which aligns with the profile picture). Check out this page for inspiration.

43. Skin & Bones


Skin: Flesh-colored clothing.
Bones: A skeleton suit.

Plus-Sized Costumes

44. Greek Goddess & Greek God


Accentuate your curves by celebrating what those brilliant Greeks knew — a woman's body is a thing of beauty! You don't even need to leave your house — just drape one (or two if you want a more complex look) of your bed sheets around your body. Your partner can also drape a toga around himself. Strap some sandals on your feet and laurel wreaths on your heads (a crown of fake craft-shop leaves will do), and get ready to channel your inner Zeus and Hera. Gold jewelry, dramatic eye-make-up and bangles (for you, not him!) will make this costume even more sophisticated.

45. Pin-up Girl & Photographer


Talk about showing off your best assets! For the more daring curvy lady, you'll be able to make a simple dress into a WOW moment by adding a belt, your favorite high-heels and a bright red lip to pack a punch. Don't skimp on your make-up or hair! Spend a girly-night in and watch YouTube videos on how to pull off pin curls and cat-eye makeup that'll have you feeling sexy all night. Your shutterbug man can dress all in black (he's a brooding artist, after all) with a pro-quality camera around his neck.

46. 1920's Flapper & Gangster


The flapper outfit is one of the sexiest, most fun costumes around. The dress, with its layers and fringe, is very flattering on a plus-size frame because of the way the tiered fabric moves and shimmies. And don't just go for black — finding a dress in your favorite color will make you stand out even more! High heels, feather in your hair and long black gloves tie the look together, and don't forget your martini glass! For your man, a black or pin-striped suit, fedora (with slicked-back hair beneath) and cigar will complete his look.



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