7 Sex Positions All Couples Should Try


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Sex positions all couples should mix into their repertoire.

While some couples may think the key to great sex is to stock up on Kama Sutra books and experiment with complicated pretzel-like positions, sex author Ian Kerner doesn't think couples should have to try that hard to have mind-blowing sex. In fact, those reading will be shocked to learn that Kerner—who has published six books dedicated to the pursuit of satisfying sex—thinks some of the more basic sex positions are best.

"There's a lot to be said for having a routine," he says. "The female brain needs to be relaxed in order for it to activate and let go. The pressure to try new things interrupts that process." Kerner, who authored She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, admits that some outside-the-box maneuvering does lead to a healthy dopamine boost in bed, but for the hands-down best couple sex? The backwards wheelbarrow may be overrated.

1. Missionary position. If sex positions were ice cream, missionary would be your standard vanilla. But that doesn't mean couples should shy away from exploring this classic. "This is by far the most popular of all the sex positions," Kerner says. "And while it's unlikely to lead to female orgasm, you have extended eye contact, which is great for intimacy." A Case For The Missionary Position

2. Coital alignment. While reaching orgasm isn't necessary for profound, connective sex, it's great if it happens—and it's more likely to happen if you stimulate your clitoris. The coital alignment position is a variation of missionary that aims to push your lady button by pressing the two of you pelvis to pelvis. "This is the signature position of lovemaking," Kerner says. "The woman wraps her legs around the man, and he uses slow, deeper, penetrative thrusts. It's important his pelvic bone rubs against the vulva and clitoris, grinding, rocking back and forth." Can You Orgasm From Intercourse Alone?

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