About Kelly Higdon & Miranda Palmer

You might wonder what two business and technology coaches are doing on YourTango.

First, we are therapists.

We love looking at relationships and helping people better their lives. Relationships are key to our existence. Whether they are healthy or toxic...they can touch every aspect of your life.  The way you handle your dating relationship, probably has an impact on how you handle your business matters. If you don't have boundaries at work, chances are you don't have them with your partner either. Kelly loves to focus on mindfulness in her practice and Miranda has an emphasis in working with trauma

Second, we love technology.

When you use the right technology for your life, it can save you time and money. However, more and more, peoples' use of technology is impacting their relationships. When is the last time you looked at a text or email and it prompted an argument with your partner? Do you ever troll the pages of facebook comparing your life to the happy images of those around you? We think technology is awesome but it has impacted our culture in such a way, we are struggling to truly connect with each other. 

We help people find balance in their personal lives and professional lives all while teaching them how to use technology to help them...not consume them. 

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