About Howard Hunter

Howard Hunter 

Songwriter || Step-dad || Adventure lover ||

Nashville, TN



Growing up on a hippy commune in the woods of the green mountains, Howard developed a let it all hang out kind of attitude. By 27, Finding a passion for music during those early days, Hunter grew up to become a regular performer at scores of venues up and down the east coast. He eventually realized he could go no farther staying put. So, he packed his guitars into ol' faithful (his car) and drove across the country, to try his hand at the music scene in Los Angeles, CA. 

How’d Howard wind up living in the heart of honky-tonk Tennessee?

After four years on the LA performance circuit, Howard honed in on his true passion: songwriting for film and tv. So, after placing multiple songs on both TV shows and feature films, his life came into true focus when he met the Nashville-born lady of his dreams that he affectionately calls his rocky top woman.  Who just happened to live in “Music City, USA”.  

Howard's goals now are to inspire those who wish to live a creative life to say. Say  YES when opportunity comes. It may not be exactly what you expected but it found you for a reason!  Remember. NEVER cross your arms, and NEVER apologize for pleasure. 



With Nashville being such a creative hub for music and Howard's lady love having two kids rooted in their lives in Nashville, Howard took the leap and moved again, driving across the country to ol' rocky top. 



Follow Howard as his new journey begins. Becoming a new Stepfather and navigating the extremely unfamiliar world of parenting, while also trying to break into the country music scene, is sure to lead to some interesting anecdotes. 

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