About Yana Bostongirl


Yana is a personal story writer who writes about mental health issues that can result from toxic relationships like codependency and narcissism. 

She likes to refer to herself as an accidental writer for what started as a tentative attempt at catching her thoughts and releasing them onto the pages of her journal gradually turned into a babbling brook and then a cascading waterfall of words.

Experiences have taught her that life has many chapters and one (or a few) bad chapter doesn’t mean the end of the book. She has discovered that with courage and a little help, turning the page can lead to surprising new beginnings.

At present, she wears many hats: a social media blogger for several online platforms, a contributor to a number of digital publications, a content writer, and a copywriter for companies ranging from business startups to educational platforms as well as a variety of nonprofit organizations across the country.

In a different life, Yana graduated summa cum laude in Economics and was the winner of a local beauty pageant. Now she writes to raise awareness about mental health and donates her time to various causes close to her heart such as working to bring the arts to schools in underprivileged communities.

You can find her on Medium, Newsbreak, Quora, Twitter and Substack.

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