About Alex Obed


Inner-space explorer on a mission to open minds and hearts toward a new level of freedom in our relationships. I just dish it out there–more like an amateur chef than an expert–breaking eggs along the way. 

Playing the archetype of "the Fool" (I'm an April Fool's kid, after all) to imperfection, I hope to coax some of you to take the adventure with me: taking more risks, being more vulnerable and making more messes. 

Letters-wise, I'm a student of Psychology (MA, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology), a certified Life Coach (don't hold it against me) and a published author. The depth psychologists have my heart: Carl Jung, Robert Johnson, Erich Neumann and Marie-Louise von Franz, to name a few.

Equal parts mystic and goofball, my wanderings (think: Caine from Kung Fu) have taken me on a six-month road trip throughout the United States, studying in Israel and, most recently, dancing under the stars in the Sahara as part of a 20,000 nautical mile land-and-sea adventure. 

I'm currently exploring non-monogamy and polyamory, both in my dating/love life and as a topic of interest for future writing. If you've got a story about dabbling, wanting to dabble or swimming in that world, I'd love to hear about it! 

For my newest articles and my free e-book on "soul-o traveling," subscribe to my blog--Down-n-Dirty Blog on Relationships--at www.alexobed.com. I also love to interact with others who are passionate about relationships. Email me at alexskyobed@gmail.com.


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