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The journey to finding "The One" should be fun!

Ungenita Prevost is the Empowerment Guru for Millennial Women, a Certified Life Coach &  Co-Founder/Editor in Chief of PoshONPennies®. She shows single women in their 20s and 30s how to look hot and not be "Man Dependent"

An in demand public speaker and workshop leader. Her articles have circulated the globe in internet ezines, books and print magazines alike. In Hollywood, Ungenita has appeared on countless television and cable networks including MTV, NBC, VH1, FOX, CBS, FX, ABC and The E Channel, to name just a few.

With a vision to lead & a voice to serve, she’s on a mission to empower Millennial Women. She knows what it's like to think you have it ALL figured out at 20 and realize that you don’t when you wake up on your 30th birthday. Stepping into empowerment at 20 would have made a big difference in my life".

This is a girl that also loves makeup, fashion and staying fit. She's not afraid to look hot but knows her brains make her a knockout. 

If you want a man that's all that, Ungenita shouts "I can show you how to be "All That" too!


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