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Have you ever wondered how you can be so successful as an executive or professional and yet feel like a failure in your own home?  Do you struggle with trying to connect in meaningful ways with the people who matter most to you?  You know you care about your marriage and family but how do you balance it all with the demands of work? 

Hello, my name is Tom King and my expertise lies at the intersection of business and behavioral health. I bring many years of experience in psychology and business to my counseling and coaching practice. As a small business owner and leader myself I understand the pressures to succeed and get ahead. Long hours and the ups and downs of business have added stress to my life and marriage at times. I have been married for over 35 years and know the joys and the struggles that are part of marriage.

I have had the privilege of helping many executives and professional couples transform the relationships they care most about. Great marriages don’t just happen any more than your business can just run itself. You already have the skills as a leader to create strong and healthy relationships at home. My forward-looking coaching process will show you how to stop negative cycles and move your marriage and personal relationships to a higher level. As a BONUS, when you learn how to improve relationships at home you will also become an even more effective leader.

Think about what you really want as the quality of your life. If you are longing to create a more joyful and loving marriage, you can get a fast start with my new home study course located at www.reimaginemarriage.com.  You can also improve your marriage and work-life balance right now by downloading my FREE tips for your time-starved marriage. You will become part of a growing community of people I call Grow it Forward Together and will receive G.I.F.T. email notices of announcements and updates on my blog, designed to support, inspire, and encourage you on this journey. Then contact me for a free consultation on the best approach for your particular situation.

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Tom King
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