About Thomas Matlack

My mission is to help men (and in the process help women).  After a 25 year business career, I had a mental health crisis that landed me in the mental hospital suicidal.  

In the five years since I have focussed on what went wrong in me, found my true calling in helping men get sober (I am 26 years sober), and most recently writing and talking about the lack of connection among men which causes us die of suicide, addiction and early onset of every major disease.  We are literally dying of loneliness.  And doing harm to each other and the world (when was the last time you saw a woman go into a school to shoot all the kids?).

We can and must do better.  And I am committed to trying to get the ball rolling.

I have formed a men's speaker series on zoom.  You can join our FaceBook Group here.


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As for me personally I can honestly say that    despite my crisis five years ago (actually BECAUSE of it).  I have an amazing loving wife of 20 years and kids I adore (28, 26, 18). 

Namaste.  Big Love.

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