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Are you a business owner who wants more from your relationship?
You're in the right place!

Love & business are areas in which you can succeed once you understand the patterns of behaviour that have led you to your current circumstances. When you understand WHY, you can begin to look at WHAT and HOW to take action and move forward into a future filled with love, passion, and success.

Intimate relationships can be improved through the same principles we apply to the other facets of our lives, such as health, finance, and education. They require a combination of strategy, commitment & love. What I find, time and time again, is that couples are relying on love, and don’t yet have the structures in place to create the relationship they truly desire.

Do you worry sometimes that you might lose both your business AND your marriage?
You're definitely in the right place!

For couples who are also business owners, the results of this approach are magnified ten-fold! The stakes are high and the outcomes can be extraordinary… or devastating.

I work with couples to create the same structures & systems in their relationship as their business, from the mindset of success to implementing the day-to-day strategies and tactics required to create a loving, passionate, joyful relationship.


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