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I help people recover and  maintain their personal power in the face of difficult people and situations.  I have discovered ways to establish a powerful state of mind which can help you get different and better results with bullys or manipulative people.

You may already be a very powerful person in many ways, but there are unconscious patterns that can make you susceptible to controlling people.  I use intuitive skills to identify and help you change unconscious patterns in how you interact with others - especially with manipulative or abusive others.  When you learn to master a state of mind of personal power, you are more likely to meet and form relationships with people who are civil and respectful.

If you are willing to learn simple practices, you can get quick relief from difficult people and situations.  That relief gives you the energy to heal and change your life.  When you are easily able to maintain your personal power, you will find you are less likely to get entangled with people who want to control others.

More of your interactions can be enlightened.

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