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Parenting teens is tough! Whether your teenager has changed into a disagreeable and even frightening person you no longer recognize, or you struggle with how to support your teen through their normal growing up experience, you are walking through one of the toughest jobs in the universe! Gone are the days of adorable grins and play dates, toddler triumphs and school projects. Now you're struggling to enforce boundaries against your teen's defiance, remembering fondly the one conversation with your teen that lasted more than three seconds, and wondering if there is something wrong with you when you and your teen simply don't connect. 

You feel guilty and wonder what you're doing wrong. You're confused and overwhelmed more days than you want to admit. And you're so often afraid. You're afraid of the crazy unpredictable moods of your teen that seem to have taken over your family. You're afraid of all the influences out there that threaten to undo any good parenting you have accomplished. You're afraid your son or daughter will be romanced by drugs or alcohol, will ignore your warnings about unprotected sex, or will struggle with bullying. You're afraid you'll make parenting mistakes that will permanently scar your child. And you're afraid that when its all done, when your teen somehow reaches adulthood, they will not have learned what they needed to live a successful life. 

Ronae Jull is the HOPE Coach, offering short term skills and long term changes that will transform your family. 

When your heart aches beyond bearing and you don't feel like a courageous parent, know that HOPE is real, even for you and your teen. Whether your teenager is gently pushing against boundaries or creating high stress drama in your family, there is hope for healing. When you wonder how to talk so your teen can hear your message, struggle with guilt when you make mistakes, and get angry over your teenager's foolish or dangerous choices, remember that there is always HOPE.

Ronae Jull offers practical solutions to your parenting challenges through HOPE Coaching, a free newsletter, parenting books, and encouraging and practical videos addressing the tough parenting issues you're struggling with right now.

Melding my first-hand experience from parenting four children through those tough teen years with over 25 years experience coaching families, I will work with you to find tangible solutions that will transform your family. I am driven to give of my experience, strength and HOPE and lessons learned. It is my privilege to reach out to individuals and parents who are lost in the darkness, who cannot find a way through to the joy, who are defeated by guilt and rage and shame, who may be able to use my outstretched hand for a moment. A few key people reached me when I believed I was beyond hope; it is now my privilege to give back.

Get started today by signing up for my free HOPE Notesnewsletter, and check out my brand new book "A Bigger Bandaid: hope for parents abused as children".

Start by scheduling your free HOPE Coaching consultation. There is always HOPE!

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